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Costa Rican Lady

Stella Monae

This impressive goddess is an amateur BBW fetish model from Florida, born in 1979, 5’9” tall, weighing 390 lbs, and whose measurements are 38”, 54”, 70”. She has a lovely face with brown hair and enchanting green eyes, fleshy arms, medium-sized breasts, exaggerated hips, massive cellulite-covered legs, and enormous buttocks. You can follow her on Twitter, as well as spoil her with a gift.

Esta diosa tan impresionante es una modelo gordita amatorial “fetish” del estado de Florida, nacida en 1979, que mide 175 cm, pesa 177 kilos, y cuyas medidas son 97, 137, 178 cm. Tiena una carita dorable con cabello castaño y unos ojazos verdes de hechicera, brazos carnosos, pechos de tamaño mediano, caderas exageradas, unas piernotas cubiertas de celulitis y unas enormes nalgas. La puedes seguirla en Twitter, así como mimarla con un regalo.


fatcurvystories said...

It seems clear that she really likes her giant thighs, overflowing with cellulite. Evidently her lovers appreciate her abundance and have taken good care of her. It's also beautiful to see that she exposes her generous curves on the beach, allowing everyone to see how comfortable a life with her would be.

Alisa Mui said...

love to watch comics sex

Unknown said...

What an awesome woman

Anonymous said...

I agree fatcurvystories she is so proud of her mega thighs and wants the world to appreciate and revere them. Femsup

Anonymous said...

I would love her to ride my cock and then sit on my face and lick my cum out of her sweet pussy