The Divine Beauty Contest

The 2015 edition of the Divine Beauty Contest, the most important prize on the web for pear-shaped amateur BBW models, finished with the first win of Shannon Marie, who earns the title of “Queen of Northern Goddesses” after an exciting struggle with Big Booty Beauty. These two goddesses caught two third parts of all votes, that means that this edition of the contest has actually been a Divine Booty Contest, as Shannon Marie and Big Booty Beauty, endowed with really enormous buttocks, were the heaviest and most extremely pear-shaped contestants by far. Furthermore, it is worth of note that the new Queen of Northern Goddesses is an absolute newbie, as she joined the site just a few days before the start of the contest. Becca and MaryBoBerry, the most legendary goddesses featured in this site, do not take part anymore to the contest since they are now professional models. Here is the whole score:

Total votes: 109

1st Shannon Marie
(37 votes)

Queen of Northern Goddesses 2015 
It is clear that joining the “Northern Goddess” and, within a couple of weeks, winning the Divine Beauty Contest is an achievement that only an unbelievably beautiful goddess can accomplish. That’s why we are in front of a forthcoming legend of the web. Is now starting a long Shannon Marie’s domination also for the next years? 

2nd Big Booty Beauty
(32 votes)

Her lovely green eyes and an exaggerated behind allowed this legendary goddess from Tennessee to struggle hard with Shannon Marie until the last day for the final victory, as she already did last year against Lisa Anna: two second places in two editions of the Divine Booty Beauty Contest speak for themselves.

3rd Lisa Anna
(12 votes)
Since the two heavy weights Shannon Marie and Big Booty Beauty were definitely unmatchable, the outgoing champion got a really satisfactory third position: with one victory (2014), two second places (2010 and 2013) and three thirds (2011, 2012, and 2015), the Queen of Bunnies still is one of the most beloved beauties of the web.

4th Amandaluv
(8 votes)

After two sixth positions in 2013 and 2014, this statuesque beauty reached an excellent fourth place, only behind the unmatchable Shannon, BBB, and Lisa, and defeating the really threatening German goddesses Caroreal and Kadie. 

5th Caroreal
(6 votes)

Once again, a very good score for the German Plump Princess. She couldn’t achieve to keep her 2014 third place, getting beaten by Amandaluv, but defeating the other German goddess Kadie. Her presence in the next edition of the contest is more than assured.

6th Kadie
(5 votes)
Traditionally, the Divine Beauty Contest is used to be tough for plus-size models, hence the sixth position is a rather good score for this iconic German beauty, who got finally beaten by her fellow countrygoddess Caroreal. 

7th Fernanda
(4 votes)

As said for Kadie, plus-size models get traditionally in trouble in the Divine Beauty Contest, but this statuesque Brazilian goddess achieved to keep her 2014 seventh position after a long struggle with the legendary Selfie. 

8th Selfie
(3 votes)
A very disappointing performance for the Alaskan goddess, who got the fourth position in 2011 and the second in 2012. However, having stopped modelling in 2013, it was clear that this legendary contestant should get in trouble, as she might have lose several of her fans. At the light of this, the eighth position was unfortunately the most natural score for her.

9th Doctormega
(2 votes)
Due to her enormous breasts, a contest focusing on pear-shaped and tiny-breasted beauties was a very tough trial for her, even if endowed with a so lovely face. However, at the light of her fourth place in 2014, the last position is a very disappointing score, and her continuance in the next editions of the Divine Beauty Contest is therefore noticeably difficult.

Winners of the Divine Beauty Contest:
3 titles: MaryBoBerry (2011, 2012, 2013)
2 titles: Plump Princess (2008, 2009)
1 title: Becca (2010), Lisa Anna (2014)

Whole scores of previous editions:

(professional, amateurs, and candids)
1st Plump Princess (Queen of Northern Goddesses 2008)
2nd Syrianna
3rd Jenni Bombshell
4th Italian Brittany
5th Melody Nyte
6th BBWGwen
7th (ex aequo) Angel, Laurie
9th Miss Mina
10th Chocolate Pear

(only professional models + Brittany)
1st Plump Princess (Queen of Northern Goddesses 2009)
2nd BBWGwen
3rd Dirty Little Diva
4th Jenni Bombshell
5th Syrianna
6th Italian Brittany
7th Heather aka Victoria Secret aka Victoria Coxx

(amateurs and candids)
Total votes: 1252 (regular + fraudulent)
1st Becca 184 (Queen of Northern Goddesses 2010)
2nd Lisa Anna 139 (259 – 120 fraudulent votes)
3rd Italian Brittany 100
4th Laurie 37 (277 – 240 fraudulent votes)
5th Latin Lady 28
6th Jenny 21
7th Chocolate Pear 13
8th Anatolian Maiden 11
9th Latin Maiden 9

Total votes: 1039 (989 regular + 50 fraudulent)
1st MaryBoBerry 520 (Queen of Northern Goddesses 2011)
2nd Becca 87
3rd Lisa Anna 77
Selfie 73 (123 – 50 fraudulent votes)
5th Italian Brittany 60
6th Francesca 53
7th Terri 50
8th Mel 36
9th Megs 26
10th Laurie 7

Total votes: 580 (520 regular + 60 fraudulent)
1st MaryBoBerry 165 (Queen of Northern Goddesses 2012)
2nd Selfie 98 (158 – 60 fraudulent votes)
3rd Lisa Anna 83
4th Baby Jane 35
5th Becca 33
6th Italian Brittany 26
7th Mel 16
8th Sweet and Fat 15
9th Cadenza 12
10th Megs 10
11th Melinda 8
12th Alba 5
13th Veronica 4
14th Sarah 2

Total votes: 312 (288 regular + 24 fraudulent)
1st MaryBoBerry 119 (Queen of Northern Goddesses 2013)
2nd Lisa Anna 44
3rd Selfie 40 (64 – 24 fraudulent votes)
4th Becca 30
5th Italian Brittany 16
6th Amandaluv 14
7th Doctormega 12
8th Baby Jane 9
9th Plumpluv 4
Total votes: 273
1st Lisa Anna 68 (Queen of Northern Goddesses 2014)
2nd Big Booty Beauty 59
3rd Caroreal 34
4th Doctormega 32
5th Selfie 30
6th Amandaluv 17
7th Fernanda 15
8th Italian Brittany 11
9th Baby Jane 7