The master of virtual art is with no doubts Rendermojo. This Brazilian artist seems to appreciate well-fed mature ladies with narrow shoulders, heavy breasts, protruding bellies, wide hips, huge buttocks, and massive thighs. Perhaps, if a slight criticism is allowed, bellies and breasts might be a bit smaller, as Oupelay’s pear-shaped goddesses are.

El maestro del arte virtual es sin duda Rendermojo. Este artista brasileño parece apreciar las mujeres maduras bien fornidas con hombros estrechos, grandes pechos, barrigas prominentes, anchas caderas, nalgas enormes y muslos poderosos. Quizás, si se nos concede una ligera crítica, sus pechos y barrigas podrían ser algo más pequeños, como son las diosas en forma de pera de Oupelay.


FatCurvyStories said...

Amazing art, and a great find. I love how much attention to details goes into these works. And it truly shows the beauty of the large shape! I only wish the author would actually display (render?) the dimply softness of cellulite, the bumps of flesh an exaggeratedly curvy woman has.

northern goddess said...

You are right about the lack of cellulite. However, it’s a problem of all BBW art, both cartoon and virtual, due I think to the obvious difficulty of displaying it: artists always manage to render the shapes, but the skin is totally smooth.

Under this point of view, the great European painting from the fifteen to the eighteen century is still one step forward.

A Dude Who Loves Fat Chicks said...

It is very difficult to study and reproduce cellulite as the technique required for shading and drawing in that kind of detail, one needs specific tools and a unique eye and hand to create that sort of thing. Such talent is pretty rare. I personally love smooth and cellulite. I love drawing fat women.