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Costa Rican Lady


The master of cartoon art is likely to be Canadian Oupelay. The object of his art are attractive pear-shaped ladies who seem to depict an epitome of a Northern Goddess, thanks to their wide hips, enormous buttocks, and massive thighs. And without forgetting the character of Karine, a pretty and skinny redhead always falling in love with all those ladies.

El maestro del arte en dibujos es posible que sea el canadiense Oupelay. El objeto de su arte son atractivas señoras con cuerpo en forma de pera que representan un modelo de Diosa del Norte, gracias a sus anchas caderas, nalgas enormes y muslazos tan macizos. Y sin olvidar el personaje de Karine, una guapa y delgadita pelirroja siempre enamorándose de aquellas señoras.


FatCurvyStories said...

Indeed a great artist, unafraid to express his/her love for wide hipped women. I really love the humor in the vignettes.

Oupelay said...

Thanks for the feature of my works! Great blog with plenty of wonderful beauties! --> Added to my favorites.