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Costa Rican Lady

Brown Sugar

It’s really a shame that no information at all of this impressive goddess are available, and not her name either, while her pictures, that should be in chronological order, are all in low resolution. She seems to be of Latin American ethnicity (Brazilian?), and has an attractive ever smiling face, with long, dark, and sleek hair. But, above all, she enjoys an astonishing pear-shaped figure, thanks to narrow shoulders, very wide hips, and massive thighs. In the lack of information, let us call her “Brown Sugar”.

“Azúcar Moreno”
Es una verdadera lástima que no se disponga de ninguna información de esta diosa tan impresionante, y ni siquiera de su nombre, mientras que sus fotos, que deberían estar en orden cronológico, son todas de baja resolución. Parece ser de origen latinoamericano (¿brasileña?), y tiene un atractivo rostro con una eterna sonrisa y cabello largo, liso y oscuro. Pero, sobre todo, goza de una tremenda figura en forma de pera, gracias a hombros estrechos, caderas muy anchas y unos muslazos de escándalo. En la falta de información, vamos a llamarla “Azúcar Moreno”.


Anonymous said...

Ke bueno k exista este blog los felicito por el trabajo gracias ojala encuentren mas chicas. Tambien me considero fanatico. Estas mujeres son mi debilidad.

Anonymous said...

She might be my all-time dream woman. Somebody needs to find this woman!

Anonymous said...

How come she wasn't a top five in the contest? Not enough pics?

northern goddess said...

In order to have a reduced number of very competitive contestants, to the contest takes part only a selection of those ladies listed among the “Amateur Goddesses”, who are used to be more beautiful and have better pictures than the “MySpace Goddesses”, among whom the “Brown Sugar” belongs.

However, as you can see, making this selection, and even excluding all the “MySpace Goddesses”, is always a hard task.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love those wide hipz and huge ass!!!!!!!

kamy said...

she looks so beautiful..as she exists in my dream ..I really wants to contact her..or if she reads my comment , don't hesitate this is my email

Josh Navarro said...

I got a Big cock, for that huge booty ready just for you baby