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Costa Rican Lady


When I think to a Greek goddess as Athena, Hera, or Aphrodite, I usually imagine her just like this awesome beauty: lovely face, tall, thick, pear-shaped, and wearing long dresses. Born in 1971 in Colorado, Mel seems to have been a plus-size model, maybe for the “BBW Boutique” brand, as suggested by the sign behind her. The pictures should be a bit old, as in them she apparently looks no more than 30 (I would say no more than 25). Her face is amazing, as well as her wide-hipped figure is graceful, elegant, and irresistibly attractive, but, to be honest, I’d prefer her shoulders to be narrower, her arms slimmer, and her breasts a bit smaller, just for emphasizing the richness of her lower half.

Cuando pienso en una diosa griega como Atenea, Hera o Afrodita, me la suelo imaginar exactamente igual que esta impresionante belleza: alta, guapa, fuerte, en forma de pera y en traje largo. Nacida en 1971 en Colorado, Mel parece haber sido una modelo plus-size, quizás para la firma “BBW Boutique”, como parece sugerir el cartel a sus espaldas. Las fotos deberían ser algo viejas, ya que en ellas no aparenta más de 30 años (diría incluso no más de 25). Su rostro es precioso, igual que su figura de anchas caderas es agraciada, elegante e irresistiblemente atractiva, pero la verdad es que yo preferiría unos hombros más estrechos, unos brazos más delgados y unos pechos algo más pequeños, sólo para acentuar la abundancia de su mitad inferior.


Anonymous said...

A very beautiful young woman. Enchanting

Anonymous said...

absolute goddess. I really want to find more pictures of her.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! She is a spectacular beauty! 10 on a scale of 1-10!

Anonymous said...

is perfect!!!

mamacita... estas perfecta... no cambies.

Un admirador de Peru.

Mario Alcalde.

Anonymous said...

KrazyKaDog here,

OMG I think Mel and Mary gotta be the 2 hottest ladies alive, if get to choose how I die it's going to be right between the two of them - both are 10 +++++++++ (stay naked !!!!!)

thanks ladies -damn!!!!

chaser247 said...

Wow! .. She is a true Goddess - and I love everything about her.

Thanks for highlighting this wonderous babe.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding!! Spectacular!! Beautiful!! Thank you for your work at finding these lovely ladies! Moar Moar

FatCurvyStories said...

Great scoop Northern!! Mel is indeed magnificent. I understand your preferences, but I personally love the abundance of her breasts, I think that's the key element, coupled with the vastness of her hips, that makes her figure so unique. I think her big breasts makes her big buttocks look even bigger. They make her look bigger than what she is, which is the ultimate beauty. I really love her arms too, they make her so welcoming.

The photos where she is not wearing a bra portray her in all of its unadulterated beauty. You almost want to into all that mountainous softness, and wrap your arms between her succulent udders and her large fat hips.

Anonymous said...

I love you pretty face and curvy body Mel, you look very very good. eres una mujer muy hermosa. I love Mel. my email es:RONALD_7313@hotmail.com

ChrisnVA said...

Mel is still as beautiful as ever! I have a thing for chin dimples (well, dimples everywhere :) ), and not matter what, she is one of the most beautiful women ever. What eyes! What a smile! I could go on forever.

Anonymous said...

Wow. No words for this beauty. I just finished blowin a decent ball drainer to another chub, but I'm gonna have to use this hard on I have for her. I think I'm gonna get my work boots on, no socks and Jack until I get that watery stringy cumshot and spray on this chick. Damn baby, you got me all hard and ready to pound. Good girl.