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Costa Rican Lady

Leonard Nimoy

The following pictures, taken by Leonard Nimoy, are a parody of a famous photo of Oliver Newton showing four skinny naked females. Although being much more attractive than Newton’s models, Nimoy’s aren’t as beautiful as Northern Goddesses, and they might never face outstanding beauties as Becca, Mary, or Lisa Anna, but you can anyway enjoy finding your favourite one.

Las fotos siguientes, tomadas por Leonard Nimoy, son una parodia de una famosa foto de Oliver Newton con cuatro mujeres delgaduchas desnudas. A pesar de ser mucho más atractivas que las modelos de Newton, las de Nimoy no son tan guapas como las Diosas del Norte, y no podrían jamás desafiar a bellezas tan extraordinarias como Becca, Mary o Lisa Anna, pero te puedes divertir igual buscando a tu preferida.



B.I.G said...

Very nice indeed!
What some great pics

fatcurvystories said...

I think my favorite one might be the rightmost one in this picture because of the prominence of her thighs and hips. Having hips so pronounced, she inspires me a future of serenity, growth and prosperity.

That being said, I must say though that that is the result of a careful look at the pictures and their details. For example at first sight I had not noticed the beautiful bags of fat on the sides of her hips, as seen in this other picture, nor had I noticed the very graceful bulge on her thigh (2nd model from the right here).

What I really did notice at the very first sight is another beauty: my senses immediately fell for the model with the heavy breasts and meatier thighs. Seeing her full figure with thighs the size of a big prosciutto, hips large as a home and a soft comfy belly, and the maternal call of her large breasts -- so big they look more like udders -- caught me and attracted me at first sight. The softness of her upper body is definitely no comparison to the rather scrawny torso of the other beauty I mentioned earlier.

the northern goddess said...

To be honest, I think there are three outstanding bodies which are noticeably nicer than the others, and they are those pointed out by you.

1) The curvy and cow-uddered beauty on the left.

2) In the same picture, the wide-hipped lady with short hair and skinny head on the right.

3) The Black Grace (however, pay attention not confusing her with the other black beauty, always attractive but not as the former).

Finally, I wish to express my regards to Mr. Nimoy, not only a great artist but a distinguished connoisseur of female beauty too.

the northern goddess said...

Hi all:

After searching information about the wide-hipped lady with short hair for a reader who emailed me, I am very sorry to let you know that she was Heather MacAllister, Founder and Artistic director of The Original Fat-Bottom Revue, and died in February 13, 2007, of ovarian cancer.

Gonzo Loverbutts said...

Estan impactantes el tamaño de las caderas de la chica con el pelo mas corto y con tatuajes, ¿como se llama??

northern goddess said...

Hola Gonzo:

sobre la chica que dices, te remito a mi comentario anterior. Por si no lees inglés:

Heather MacAllister, fallecida el 13 de febrero de 2007

Gonzo Loverbutts said...

Gracias por la aclaracion, no habia leido bien tu comentario donde viene esa noticia, busque mas de ella y supe que tambien era una bailarina de burlesque llamada Reva Lucian, esa chica era muuuy hermosa, me enamoro su sexy sonrisa y que decir de sus impresionantes caderas, su carnoso culo y sus fronsosas piernas era una diosa kalypigos, el dia que la vi no me la pude sacar de mi cabeza, hasta soñe con ella follandola al mas puro estilo de CJ Wright,es una lastima que la haya conocido 3 años despues de su fallecimiento, y pues puse algo en mi blog en memoria de esta gran representante de los culos enormes. DESCANSE EN PAZ.

Anonymous said...

parece obra de Spencer Tunick...
mezclado con Botero...
que lindas damas.. que feliz seria entre ellas...

saludos desde Peru

Mario Alcalde

boot-cheese-3000 said...

RIP to Leonard Nimoy. I've always preferred him over Shattner anyday.

I actually know one of the Models featured in this series. The 1st time I saw this was years ago in her Photo Gallery, her name is Miss Shyly. If you want I'll send you a link of her other work, she's also a Photographer as well as a Model.

Keep up the Good Work!!!!!